Let’s Build
the NorthWest

Setting Down
Roots and
Advancing Careers.

Kuney Construction serves only the Northwest region, so our employees can set down roots, work on the top projects in the area, and have a clear path to career advancement.

  • Work on the Top Projects in the Northwest
  • Set down roots and work in the same region
  • Great employee benefit programs and incentive bonuses
  • Clear Paths for Advancement whether you start from the field or have a degree
  • Signatory with Carpenters, Laborers, Operators, Iron Workers and Masons labor unions

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Kuney Construction understands the concerns you face pursuing a career in civil construction. That’s why we only take projects in the Northwest so you can stay close to your family.

Since its inception in 1930, Kuney’s employed people who want to get their hands dirty, stay in the local region, and solve challenging problems.

Our team members are driven by passion and ambition to take on the most challenging projects with a relentless pursuit of innovation in their chosen fields.

Today, we still employ individuals with these founding values, and it’s why our average employee retention rate is ten years, and many have been with us for decades.

Core Values

Who we are / Who we strive to be in the eyes of Owner’s & Partners

  • Successful: on-time, profitable
  • Collaborative: partnering champions
  • Relentless
  • Professional & trustworthy
  • Innovative: always looking for a better way
  • Safe & Environmentally conscious
  • Responsive to stakeholder needs
  • Hard working: work until the work is done culture
  • Long-run approach to everything we do: not claims oriented
  • Positive attitude: a company people want to work with


60% of the work Kuney Construction does is bridge building, repair, or retrofit. The remainder of our work is focused on transportation and dam work.

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Bonus Pool:
Kuney Construction, per policy, allocates a minimum of 20% of pre-tax construction profit to an employee bonus pool.

  • The bonus pool is allocated based on each employee’s individual contribution.
  • The bonus pool is not guaranteed, but the Company has had a bonus pool every year since its inception.

Kuney Construction provides a 401(k) Profit Sharing program to help its employees save for retirement.

  • Kuney Construction has for over 20 consecutive years contributed 10% of total compensation to each employee’s account.
  • The Company’s contribution is made on all employee earnings, both salary and bonus.
  • Company contributions are not a “match”, they are made regardless if an employee is contributing their own funds or not.
  • New employees are eligible to join the program on the 1 st day of the next month after six months of employment.

Health Benefits:

  • Full medical and dental, vision included.
  • Spouses/dependent children are covered by Kuney Construction at no additional cost to the employee.
  • Kuney Construction begins paying for your medical benefits as soon as you start, but there is approximately a two-month lag before benefits take effect.
  • Life Insurance and Disability Coverage

Vacation, Sick & Holiday Pay:
Kuney Construction offers sick and vacation time per its standard policy. You will accrue a minimum of two-weeks’ vacation annually.

Per Diem:
When working away from your home base (aka the Spokane area), such that alternative living is required, we pay per diem depending on location

Kuney Construction has a history of employee retention. We maintain an average tenure of over 10 years. We believe our retention is as high as it has become, because we operate more like a small business than a large company. Every permanent employee at Kuney Construction from New Grad to tenured Superintendent is known to ownership by both face and name. This gives every person in our organization a voice and a sense of ownership in both the jobs they are assigned and the company success as a whole.

Kuney Construction has an annual review program. The goal of this program is to increase the frequency a manager speaks with employees about training, interests, advancement opportunities and expectations.

If it’s decided a person requires an increase or a decrease in frequency of contact concerning feedback managers adapt the fit the needs of the individual while doing our best to ensure the needs of both the company and the employee are met.

Here at Kuney we have a path for field supervision and project management. Both new grads and trade workers can qualify for field supervision by becoming a Area Superintendent and then superintendent of jobs. For those with Engineering or Construction Management degrees we offer advancement opportunities into project management and company leadership.

Build Your career with meaningful work
and stability.

Contact us if this sounds like the type of civil construction career you’re looking for. So you can stop
worrying about an uncertain future and focus on putting your energy and skills to work in an
environment of like-minded individuals with the same values and purposeful drive.