Barker Road/BNSF Grade Separation Project

Overpass on Barker Rd over the BNSF Railway

Project Details

Project description

The Barker Road/BNSF grade separation project will improve safety by replacing the existing at-grade BNSF Railway crossing on Barker Road with an overpass and constructing a roundabout at the Barker Road/Trent Avenue intersection. This will allow for the eventual closure of the Flora Road/BNSF Railway crossing.

When completed, the new overpass and roundabout will:

  • improve emergency access for vehicles
  • eliminate vehicle wait times averaging about 162 minutes per day at each of the two BNSF crossings
  • reduce overall traffic congestion and improve traffic flow
  • eliminate the need for trains to sound their horns, making adjacent neighborhoods quieter
  • improve access to the industrial area
  • enhance the ability to develop almost 600 acres of industrial property and attract new businesses and jobs

Project specs

  • $26 Mil