Enloe Dam Safety Repair and Maintenance Project

Oroville, WA: Progressive Design-Build dewatering facility project necessary to inspect and repair Enloe Dam.

Project Details

Enloe Dam is on the Similkameen River, approximately 3.5 miles northwest of Oroville, Washington. The previous Enloe Dam hydropower project was acquired by Okanogan PUD in 1942, and the facilities ceased operations in 1958. Since then, the generating facilities have been removed and Enloe Dam has essentially operated in an overtopping mode. To allow for the dam to be safety inspected, the District hired Kuney Construction, in partnership with Tetra Tech Engineering, to evaluate several methods to bypass water around Enloe Dam to allow for a visual inspection of the dam and appurtenant structures. The method proving the best value to the PUD was to tie into the old 1950's facilities with new gates and steel penstock to bypass water around the dam.

All work on this project was done under the Progressive Design-Build delivery method, with Kuney responsible for construction, design, and permitting in partnership with Tetra Tech.

Project specs

  • Location: Similkameen River near Oroville, WA
  • Owner: Okanogan County Public Utility District
  • Timeframe: 2021-2022
  • Size: $7 Million
  • More information: https://www.okanoganpud.org/environmental/enloe-dam-project