SR 532 to Camano Island - Corridor Improvement Project

Stanwood, Washington: Design-build project by Parsons/Kuney JV to reconstruct SR 532 to Camano Island including replacement of the General W. Mark Clark Bridge over the Stillaguamish River.

Project Details

The SR 532 Corridor Improvements constituted a critical project to the residents of Stanwood and Camano Island. This two lane highway and bridge is the lifeline to this community. The existing General W. Mark Clark Bridge served as the only access point for Camano Island, thus it was mandatory that it remain in service during the entire construction sequence. In addition to building a new bride to Camano Island over the Stillaguamish River, the SR 532 improvements were spread out over 9 miles and involved major intersection improvements, construction of three truck climbing lanes, MSE walls, numerous turning lanes, and re-paving and adding sidewalk, curb and gutter through busy downtown Stanwood. Two lanes of traffic needed to be maintained during all daylight hours. The new bridge consists of three precast girder spans of 87’, 190’, and 87’ with a 55’ voided slab approach span over the railroad tracks. The 190’ span is supported by what were at the time the longest precast girders in the State of Washington. The longer span allowed us to keep the bridge foundations outside the active channel of the Stillaguamish River, which was a major environmental benefit. Environmental concerns were heightened on this project due to its location. We had over 50 wetlands within the project limits including the estrian wetlands adjacent to the Stillaguamish River. The Stillaguamish is a tidal waterway with fluctuations of over 7 feet. Our team worked diligently with the permitting agencies to ensure there were no permit violations.

Project specs

  • Location: Stanwood, Washington
  • Owner: Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Timeframe: 2009 - 2010
  • Size: $50.4 million