North Spokane Corridor: Spokane River Crossing

Spokane, WA: Signature project to extend the new corridor across the Spokane River.

Project Details

The NSC River Crossing involves the construction of new mainline bridges over the Spokane River, and a contractor-designed steel truss bicycle/pedestrian bridge for the Children of the Sun Trail. The Project requires extensive work bridge for access, and careful attention to environmental permits.

Once completed, the River Crossing will connect to Kuney's NSC River to Columbia Project to the North, and the NSC Sprague to Spokane River Phase 1 Project to the south.

The River Crossing is Kuney's sixth and largest project on the North Spokane Corridor which, once completed, will connect I-90 with US-395 and Highway 2.

Project specs

  • Location: Spokane, WA
  • Owner: Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Time Frame: 2023-2025
  • Size: $68 Million